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A. The point at which the arm pivots on the wall mount bracket or ground mount leg should be about 50mm above the users head. The clothes line slopes up towards the front by about 80mm, to allow you to hang the clothes at the back without hitting your head at the front. If you mount the clothes line any higher then it will be a strain on your shoulders reaching up all the time.

A. Yes. Even a narrow passage way can result in a good breeze to assist in drying clothes. With our smaller custom depth and wider clothes lines maximum use can be made of narrow spaces to free up the rest of your yard for better things.

A.Yes. There are methods of installation that can make full use of a timber wall without compromising the size of your clothes line.

A. Yes. The preferred method is to drill holes in concrete, pavers and rock using a diamond tip core drill that provides a neat hole for the leg and looks good when finished. Using a jack-hammer is very noisy, very messy and needs much more finishing off to look tidy but does the job if nothing else is available. Q. Can a clothes line be installed on a suspended concrete slab?
A. Yes. Our ‘Base Plate Mount Kit’ provides for the legs to be bolted to the top of the slab without affecting the strength of the concrete.

A. Yes. This is not recommended though, due to the load the fully laden clothes line will assert on the fence. However, if the fence posts are strong and well cemented into the ground it can be a viable option. Usually it is better to install a ground mount adjacent to the fence and you can be sure the clothes line will still be standing when the fence falls over.

A.Yes. Our instructions explain how simple it is to reduce the width of our clothes lines prior to installation to maximize the area you have available. Alternatively you can order the desired width and we can make it the right size for you.

A. Yes. We have several compact models designed for just that purpose and if you have enough room in the garage then a full size clothes line would also be suitable.

A. Yes. Because of our vast colour range we can very nearly match most background colours and make your clothes line ‘disappear’ when it’s folded down.

A. Installing your clothes line on a covered verandah or under a pergola can give you a degree of protection in inclement weather or just stop the dampness from the cool evening air until you get home from work and take your washing in.

A. Our clothes lines are designed and built to take the weight of as much wet washing as you can fit on them…you will never overload them unless you forget to take the kids out of the clothes before you hang them out.

A. Yes. We use the best quality ‘Galvabond’ steel to give the best possible protection from the elements and ensure a long life for your clothes line.

A. Yes. We warrant our clothes lines against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of ten years excluding cord which is guaranteed for 12 months

A. Yes. A simple one handed action is all that it takes to lift and lower our clothes lines because of the smooth automatic stay system.

A. Yes. City Living's URBAN SERIES which can be up to 3000mm wide, will take King size and Queen size sheets which are 2550mm and 2370mm wide. Their standard 2400mm wide will take Double Bed sheets which are 2250mm wide.

A. The LOW-line” easily folds down when not required. However, if you are hanging long garments towards the back of the clothes line they can hang between the cords of the “LOW-line” quite easily.

A. Every Wall Mount clothes line is supplied with quality frame anchors for fastening to a brick wall and by using only the screws from the kit you can fasten to timber quite securely.