Quality of the construction is most important:

  1. Type of material the frame is made from should be galvabond steel for maximum corrosion resistance.
  2. Fixing points and front corners of the frame should be steel to retain rigidity. Plastic corners and fittings work loose and may break in adverse weather conditions.
  3. Lifting and folding strut mechanisms should also be galvabond steel with a telescopic tube action to give maximum support strength for full loads of washing. Struts relying on plastic fittings, screw heads or rollers may break and fail in adverse weather conditions.
  4. Where cord holes are used in the arms they should be pierced giving a smooth radius, drilled or punched holes leave a sharp edge cutting and reducing the life of the cord. Plastic cord fittings attached to the arms with tek screws may work loose and fail due to movement in adverse weather conditions.
  5. Line tensioners. No fold down clotheslines have tensioners, they may have a tension lock devise or a specific tie off method to retain cord tension. Line tie off methods should be built into the line and not an add on. Line tension lock add ons are generally made of plastic and may break and fail in adverse weather conditions.
  6. Wall fixing brackets should have strength to resist side flexing when fastened to an uneven surface. Best results are achieved with a tubular steel bracket as opposed to an open pressed metal bracket.
  7. Correct size clothesline should be ordered to suit your space, altering or reducing the line on site may affect your warranty.
  8. Covers should only be installed if approved by the clothesline manufacturer. Damage may occur in adverse weather and warranty may be void.
  9. Does the colour of the clothesline suit your surrounds? The clothesline should be colour matched so that it blends in and is unobtrusive.




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